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Plaintiffs’ Investigative Firm is your resource for locating and skip tracing services. We can assist you in locating the crucial witness in your case or a defendant who has disappeared. We will work with minimal information and will produce results, by locating your subject anywhere within the U.S. through a series of networks, records, and available open-source online information (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) All we require is the subject’s name and one additional identifier (last known address, approximate age, previous employment, birth date). We take it from there.

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Place your trust in Plaintiff's Investigative Firm for your witness statement needs. We will investigate the background of key witnesses to ensure reliability and veracity. Our statements are recorded digitally and are transcribed upon request.

Our investigators are trained and experienced in the nuances of interviewing. When conducting an interview, our investigators obtain as much information as possible without leading the witness, and record the statement to ensure accuracy. Comprehensive witness statements can be complex; the interviewer must question the witness regarding every detail, and contemporaneously document the witnesses accounts accordingly.

Our multicultural and bilingual investigators can obtain statements in several languages, including English, Spanish, and Creole.

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We handle the investigation into all aspects of accidents which include surveying and photographing the accident scene, locating and interviewing witnesses, and locating and collecting CCTV video in the vicinity of the scene. Experts and engineering specialists are utilized.

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Plaintiff’s Investigative Firm conducts an in-depth online investigation of your subject(s), across all primary search engines and social media sites, including, but not limited to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Reviews, to determine their level of online activity, and uncover any public posts, references, or articles which may reflect prior knowledge of the incident’s precursor. All information is provided to the client via an investigative report, and all documents are preserved via PDF.

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Premises liability insurance allows victims injured on a property to hold owners accountable when they fail to act reasonably in identifying, fixing, and/or warning patrons about dangerous conditions.

Determining whether a property owner can be held liable for injuries on its land, however, depends on the individual facts of the case; in other words, whether, and to what degree a “duty of care” existed depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Because premises liability cases are largely fact-specific situations, a one-size-fits-all approach is not advisable.

At Plaintiffs’ Investigative Firm, we take calculated steps to avoid “tunnel vision” by conducting what we refer to as a “post-due-diligence investigation” to determine whether the property owner used all reasonable precautions in safeguarding its patrons.

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Negligent security is a type of premises liability in which a lawsuit can be filed due to a criminal or violent act that occurs on a property. In this case, the victim files a claim against the property owner or manager because of incidents such as assault, theft, a shooting, or other instances occurring on the property due to inadequate security. 

Property owners are expected to maintain adequate security on their property to protect third parties from dangerous conditions, such as the previously referenced scenarios. In a negligent security lawsuit, the property owner must have failed to provide reasonable security measures which may have prevented the incident or reduced its severity. 

For example, if the property owner fails to provide lighting or security in the parking lot, and a third party suffers damages, the owner can be held liable. Typically, negligent security lawsuits are filed against shopping malls, schools, garages, retail stores, hospitals, and nightclubs. 

In a negligent security lawsuit, there are several components the plaintiff needs to prove. Including that they were on the defendant's property lawfully, and that the property owner failed to provide reasonable security, the lack of which contributed to injuries sustained by the plaintiff while on the property. 

Foreseeability is an important component that refers to whether similar incidents on the property could have made the incident in question foreseeable. It is an essential factor used to prove negligent security, what constitutes reasonable security? For example, should the property require security guards, particular lighting standards, security cameras, locked access points, etc? Plaintiffs' investigative firm has developed a standard operating procedure for investigating cases involving negligent security. 


Investigation costs may vary based on the factors of the individual case. While the below rates are general in nature, they can be used to get a general idea of the cost of the services you need. For a formal quote, please contact us.

General Investigations (5-hour minimum) | $105 hourly

Locate / Skip Trace | $800
Statement | $800
Accident Scene Canvass | $1050
Open-Source / Social Media Report | $300
Comprehensive Background Report | $150
Premises Liability / Negligent Security Investigation
TBD based on the scope of the investigation


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